About lemoine Productions

Your Day, Your Way

At Lemoine Productions, we are dedicated to creating wedding films that capture each couples personalities and love in a way that is unique to you. While we offer expertise and flawless cinematic quality, the film we create is about you. 

Your wedding day is all about you and your partner. We tailor your experience so that we never miss an important moment. Our goal is to also make our clients feel as comfortable as possible. Typically, couples feel uneasy and nervous at the start of the day about being photographed and filmed, however soon after they feel comfortable and hardly notice we are there. However, we will be there from the start of your wedding day until the very end. All the moments you want to remember, we are there to capture. You can expect a full video of your wedding day from start to finish that you can watch for all the years to come. 

Meet The Duo

Spencer & Courtney

What Courtney loves about Spencer:

He is a very passionate person, whether it is a political debate or our kids, he is always all in. He tags along with whatever crazy ideas I may have, no matter how bizarre they may be. He rocks a ponytail. If he chooses to watch a movie it usually involves Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, something involving super heroes. He is fluent in talking about the government and economics. Every Sunday he plays basketball, no matter what, and he dominates. There is never a time he will say no to eating mexican food. His guitar playing is on POINT (hello, that is how we met). Our daughters have the best #girldad they could ask for. He is an active Christian. He pushes me daily to be the best I can be when I need it. He can turn any bad thing into a good one, for anyone. His calming demeanor radiates. 

What Spencer loves about Courtney:

She is the life of the party. She keeps us organized with 5 lists going at any given moment. She loves eating frozen pizza, taking long baths and binging Netflix. She makes me laugh. She is an amazing mother and role model for our two daughters. She’s my rock, always re-assuring me and keeping me grounded. She loves me for all my weirdness.  She makes me a better person.